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Eman Khokhar was born in Lahore, Pakistan and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates before moving to Switzerland and then to the United Kingdom to pursue further education. Eman's work is inspired by her peripatetic upbringing.

After graduating from high school, Eman's time at the Institut Villa Pierrefeu in Montreux was instrumental in shaping her ideas. She then went on to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors at Oxford Brookes University. Eman went on to complete her Master's Degree at the Royal College Of Art in Photography.

In her earlier work, Eman explored the image of the veil and the philosophical aspects of the female gaze. Being exposed to such concepts planted a seed for an enduring passion in photography. 

During her years away from home and constant travel, her separation from her culture, society and identity grew and became a new starting point of her ongoing endeavors.

By using a camera lens as a crutch, Eman was inspired and heavily influenced by artists such as Shirin Neshat, Brian Dillon, Barbara Bloom and Chantal Faust. The intensity of depicting a relationship between a mother and daughter coinciding with memory, space, presence and absence are all imbued in her photographs.

Eman lives in Dubai and is currently working on further projects and exhibitions.

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