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My project, The Space In-Between, 2021, responds to the challenges associated with the relationship between a mother and daughter with the backdrop of a South Asian culture. It seeks to explore the underlying schism between comfort vs. discomfort, traditionalism vs. modernity, and independence vs. the cost of compliance. ​


The treachery and uncertainty of Covid-19 left me feeling creatively lost. Amid the worldwide pandemic, I travelled home to the Middle East and I found myself reconnecting with my Mother. I began noticing her gentle hand gestures whilst offering her prayers, the manner in which she would do her veil and the way she would caress her prayer beads. I pondered over our past, and the differences in our experiences growing up as young women. We were worlds apart and I felt the presence of a wall between us.

The photographs hold on to an action, where self-reflection, unveils a deep analysis of a mother-daughter relationship. A bond that takes a viewer on a journey through photography, gives the images a sense of substance and aims to invite the observer into this story of The Space In-Between.

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