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The Veil Series

My project on The Veil Series, 2021has come from an Arabic term called “nazar” which translates to evil eye in English. Evil eye is when someone looks at another person with envy. In my work I have decided to portray the effects of the evil eye that it has on the individual. I do this by depicting the effects it has on the on the soul through photography and how in my imagination and perspective it must feel to be under this powerful influence. I have shown the layers of suffocation a spirit/soul feels by using different materials like fabric and plastic.

The veil remains as one of the most controversial issues of today’s time. It has taken the stage as confrontation and oppression; however, the veil has also been seen as the forefront of arguments including identity, cultural and political issues. 

The veil is used in many contexts through art, yet the veil is seen to do one thing, it is seen as a voice for women and how the veil and cloth are such versatile instruments seen to stimulate awareness of ones culture and identity. 

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